Strategic Planning

Sustainable development of ecological environment     

 While constantly promoting the development and growth of the company, New Asia is also focusing on the recycling of water resources and the protection of water ecological environment. We have built our own sewage treatment system. After re-decomposition and filtration of the sewage discharged from the workshop, the clean water formed can be reused for production, which not only saves the local water resources, but also protects the local water ecology.


Sustainable Development of Human Resources

New Asia not only pays attention to the sustainable development of environment, but also attaches great importance to the sustainable development of human resources.


The company has set up special training institution to train employees on ethics, organize employees to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, carry out skills training and position training, organize employees to carry out cultural and sports activities that is beneficial to physical and mental health. All of this can promote the construction of company culture.      


The trade union organization will establish effective and reasonable communication channels between the company management and employees, so that employees can understand the decision-making and development direction of the company. Trade union will also collect opinions and suggestions from employees and feedback them to the company, so that employees can truly participate in company’s management.Trade union not only care about the clothing, food, housing and transportation of employees, but also care about the health of employees. Every year, they arrange health check-ups for employees. On behalf of the company, the trade union will also offer sympathy and visits to employees' families on the marriage, bereavement and illness. Every employee's birthday, the company will arrange a special birthday cake so that employees can feel the warmth of home.



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