HeBi New Song Denim Co., Ltd.

HeBi New Song Denim Co., Ltd. is established in 1995, it devotes to the development and production of various denim fabrics.


New Song is insisting on all-round innovation, taking technical innovation as the leading factor, improving product quality and reducing energy consumption by means of equipment and technological innovation; improving management system by means of management and organizational form innovation, establishing efficient management organizations to improve efficiency; improving market competitiveness by means of  improving product structure; training the workforce with outstanding value pursuit, high cultural accomplishment, strong desire for work, skilled business skills and excellent spiritual character by means of cultural innovation, that have provided inexhaustible motivation and support for the development of the company.


New Song has been committed to sustainable development in denim production, using a large number of natural and renewable raw materials, actively taking energy conservation and emission reduction measures in production and establishing powerful sewage treatment system to make denim more environmental.


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