May-06 2019

Promotion Office organized 6S training - did you have 6S today?

In order to strengthen the on-site management ability of departments, this afternoon, the Promotion Office organized a comprehensive 6S training for Departmental Assistants. The keynote speaker was Sun Pan, officer of the Promotion Office.



The training content is from theoretical knowledge to real cases of production. It is easy to catch the essence of site management by combining theory with practice. During the training, all participants can listen and record carefully, which also expresses the importance of on-site management and the determination to do a good job on-site. At the end of the training, there is another quiz in class. I wonder what your answers are like?



Since this year, JinTai takes the promotion office as the dominant factor, with the active cooperation of departments, the overall level has stepped up to a new level. I believe that everyone has known the benefits of 6S, and the company will continue to carry out the high standards as before. It is our unremitting pursuit that all staff participate in 6S and all staff do well in 6S.





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