February-25 2019

Run, Dreamer

Yesterday morning at 9:00, the third session of JinTai Garment Marathon in 2019 started. There were 175 participants from JinTai, New Asia, New Beauty and New Shion. At 12:00, the last batch of participants in Half Marathon arrived safely. Despite being equipped with wagons, all the participants persisted to the end and none of them got on.


At 7:30 a.m., the volunteers gathered at the entrance of the company and set off to all intersections of the track to prepare for the supplies and direction guidance for the participants.



Vans, supply trucks, ambulances and wagons also arrived at the starting:



The participants are all gathered and warmed up before the competition:



Ready to start:



Run out of the starting line:



The most beautiful scenery on the track:




The runner that joined for the 1st time said, "Maybe I'm too excited to feel tired."

Volunteers said: “Come on, come on, drink some water, eat some bananas.”

Aunts met on the way asked, "Aren't you cold? you wear so little."

Mr. Ma said: “The results are refreshed.”

ShanShan said:” I want to reach the the end, even if I walk”


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