March-21 2018

JinTai Garment, BOSIDENG Group and Huaxian People's Government signed tripartite cooperation agreement

On March 21, the signing ceremony was held to build a poverty alleviation processing base of BOSIDENG down garments in Huaxian County.


Dong Lianghong, Secretary of the Standing Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of Huaxian County, said that the signing ceremony would greatly promote the take-off of the textile and garment industries in Huaxian County and provide unremitting impetus for the rapid development of the whole county's economy. At the ceremony, Chen Zhong, Deputy Secretary of the county Party Committee, head of the county, who represented the county People's Government; President Gao Dekang, who represented BOSIDENG Group; and Chairman Jin Changqing, on behalf of Huaxian JinTai Garment Co., Ltd., signed the tripartite cooperation agreement. BOSIDENG Group and Huaxian JinTai Garment Co., Ltd. signed the cooperation agreement.



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